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Dr. Richard Gerhauser

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. is one of the most innovative minds in medicine today. In addition to being a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Gerhauser has earned two master’s degrees and has served as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona. He spent more than a decade as a private physician at the exclusive Canyon Ranch medical facility and currently runs a private practice in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Gerhauser: Nine years ago, I was dying.

At least, I felt like I was going to… and soon.

I was 56 then… and I could hardly get out of bed in the morning.

I’m talking about so much fatigue… just no energy at all.

I didn’t have the strength to lift a bag of dog food into my car.

My brain was foggy…

I’d keep forgetting things that I’d been talking about only a few minutes before…

It was embarrassing… not to mention frightening.

I even started having chest pains my own doctor couldn’t explain…

I remember him telling me “Face it, Rich. You’re just getting old.”

And I thought “Is this it? Will I just get worse from now on?”

And I strongly did not want that.

So I did something about it.

Susan White: Hello. I’m Susan White.

I’m here today with Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D., a board-certified physician who also holds 2 Master’s degrees in medicine.

He’s gained a worldwide reputation for his discovery of “Age Hacking” – a scientific system that reverses disease and actually restores youth for his patients.

So, Dr. Gerhauser, nine years ago you were experiencing terrible fatigue, weakness, and even mental decline. I’m sure a lot of our viewers can relate. So, has anything changed for you?

Dr. Gerhauser: Everything has changed.

I’m 65 years old now.

My youngest son is 22. He’s a former high school athlete.

And I can go out and beat him in a footrace – right now, today. At 65.

Every year, I go on a hunting expedition in the Rocky Mountains.

I camp outside at 9,000 feet, under the stars… in the freezing cold…

After I get a big bull elk, I carry about 200 pounds of dressed meat out of the wilderness.

It usually takes me 4 trips… 10-15 miles in and out of the backcountry each way.

Susan White: That’s incredible.

Especially when 65 is usually considered retirement age

Dr. Gerhauser: It makes me laugh when people say I’m “retirement age.”

I still see patients every day and the thought of retiring seems so far off it never crosses my mind…

I suppose I could retire… but why would I?

After all, I’m not an old man, no matter what my birth certificate might say.

I don’t have arthritis.

I don’t have any aches or pains.

I feel as strong and energetic as I did as a teenagerthat’s not an exaggeration.

And my mind and memory are as sharp as ever…

Susan White: That’s amazing! Will you show us how you did it?

Dr. Gerhauser: I’ll show you right now.

Let me start by saying to every American over the age of 50… anyone who has pain or weakness…

Or has been diagnosed with a “disease of aging” like cancer, dementia, or heart disease.

The truth is…

Your doctor is completely wrong about “getting old”…

You’re told to just accept the decline… accept getting weaker and sicker

You’re told to accept that a disease will eventually kill you…

You’re told to accept the fear… accept the uncertainty… all of it.

You’re told there’s no cure for getting old.

But with the new science behind “Age Hacking,” that’s absolutely not true.

Not anymore.

Susan White: What is “Age Hacking”?

Dr. Gerhauser: Well, “Age Hacking” is a science-fiction sounding term for something that is very much scientific fact.

But… it’s brand new science.

In fact, it’s next-generation medical science.

Susan White: What makes this discovery so new and exciting?

Dr. Gerhauser: Basically, you age… you “get old”… because of the slowing down or breaking down of all the various processes in your body.

And it starts at a microscopic level.

First, your cells break down… then your whole body starts to fail.

Age Hacking works by reversing that process at the cellular level.

At its core is what’s called “nutrient therapy”…

…it’s sort of “feeding” your cells with the nutrients they need to go back to working like when you were much, much younger.

Science has taught us how to do this… to actually restore your body on a cellular level by replacing certain lost nutrients.

That’s Age Hacking.

And the best thing is: The next generation science behind Age Hacking is extremely complex…

…but actually doing it is almost unbelievably simple.

Susan White: I know you’ll show us how to do it in a moment. But can you tell us what someone should expect when they go through the Age Hacking process?

Dr. Gerhauser: Of course. For anyone over 50, it’s life-changing, to say the least…

With Age Hacking, you can expect 3 things to happen to you…

For starters, Age Hacking uses nutrient science to create an environment where cancer cells can’t survive.


Even if you already have been diagnosed with cancer…

This solution WIPES OUT cancer cells… safely and naturally.

And it’s been proven in multiple in vitro research studies already.

But Age Hacking works on more than just cancer.

It also “feeds” your brain with a specific, natural chemical that restores your wits and memory…

You get back the perfect brain you had years ago.

And it’s even been shown to reverse the symptoms of dementia.

Susan White: Age Hacking can reverse dementia!? There isn’t a single prescription drug on the market that can do that…

Dr. Gerhauser: It’s true. This is incredibly important news for anyone suffering memory loss, dementia, or even Alzheimer’s disease.

It could even STOP a massive heart attack or stroke, before it happens…

And that’s still just the start…

Susan White: What else can it do?

Dr. Gerhauser: Age Hacking is designed to radically extend the length of your life.

Right now, the average American lives to 78 – and lifespans are actually getting shorter now…

Plus, if you’re a man you can count on dying sooner than that even...

But the science behind Age Hacking is specifically studied to extend your life by 9, 12, or even MORE years.

Can you imagine the gift of extra life?

Susan White: And who wouldn’t want to live an extra decade or even longer!?

Dr. Gerhauser: That’s so much more time… time to spend with your spouse and loved ones.

So much more time to keep doing all the things that bring you happiness.

Susan White: But what’s the point of adding a decade of weak, feeble years… where you feel almost as much dead as alive?

Dr. Gerhauser: I completely agree, Susan…

That’s why the third step in the Age Hacking process actually “resets” your age, on a biological and cellular level.

It uses a specific “recipe” of natural nutrients your cells are starving for…

…to make all your biological systems function again like they did in your youth…

And what that means to you is a sudden surge of daily energy

As well as restored strength, vision, sexual performance, and mental function.

Susan White: That’s truly incredible… but will you look any different?

Dr. Gerhauser: Yes, I generally see a physical transformation as well.

You may find yourself looking younger… with smoother skin, thicker hair, and better posture.

You should definitely expect your friends to beg you for your secret.

And feel free to share with them what I’m about to show you now.

Because I’m not only going to show you the scientific PROOF that Age Hacking works

I’m also going to show you exactly how you can get this life-changing breakthrough for yourself.

Susan White: Wait… so you’re saying we can start using this TODAY?

Dr. Gerhauser: This isn’t the future – this is available right now to every American over 50.

And here’s the most amazing part…

It actually takes very little effort – it’s something almost anyone can do from home

It’s literally a couple easy steps.

You just have to know how to do it.

Susan White: I know we’re all eager to know more about how Age Hacking works. Can you tell us?

Dr. Gerhauser: I don’t want to oversimplify it, but it’s a kind of “life-extending recipe” incorporating a specific group of all-natural nutrients

…that restores your body on a cellular level. On a genetic level, even.

Susan White: So you’re saying Age Hacking works a bit like a reset button

Dr. Gerhauser: ABSOLUTELY. It rewinds the age of your body by 15-20 years

It turns on a current of youthful energy and health

It can make your new ‘younger’ cells bulletproof against disease, including cancer and Alzheimer’s

It’s like your body rejects ‘old age’ completely

And extends your ‘middle age’ years well into your 90s and even past 100.

Age Hacking can virtually guarantee extra years added to your life

Many people who use it will make it well into their 90s.

Many may even live to be over 100…

In exceptional mental and physical health until the last breath they take on this earth.

Susan White: But what about our viewers who aren’t currently in good health? Can they still use Age Hacking?

Dr. Gerhauser: YES. Even if you’re sick right now

Even if you’re suffering from heart disease, or even “incurable” Alzheimer’s disease or cancer…

This could be the miracle you’ve been searching for.

To fully restore your energy, health, and brain to that of someone decades younger.

Susan White: Dr. Gerhauser, this is so life-changing for seniors. But why aren’t other doctors talking about this?

Dr. Gerhauser: There’s an easy answer for that: Your doctor doesn’t know a darn thing about it.

That’s because Age Hacking uses ZERO prescription drugs.

Drugs just prolong suffering… but Age Hacking is designed to REVERSE it.

And while much of the proof I’m about to show you is well-known to the scientific community…

Our mainstream medical system – which is run by profit-obsessed billion dollar corporations – has completely ignored these breakthroughs.

Susan White: As a well-respected M.D., it has to be infuriating to see the stranglehold mainstream medicine has on all of us…

Is that why you started exploring the idea of Age Hacking? 

Dr. Gerhauser: YES. The Age Hacking system I’m going to show you right now is my proprietary medical protocol…

That I’ve used with thousands of my own patients… to restore their youthful health and energy…

And to reverse diseases like cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis…

Susan White: How did you first discover Age Hacking?

Dr. Gerhauser: I have an extensive background in medical research, so when my own health started to fail about 10 years ago…

I started looking for a way to repair my body using science…

…and to REVERSE the damage done by aging.

I searched everywhere until I got my hands on 3 “buried” reports…

…about a population of native islanders who live “unnaturally” long lives in perfect health…

Their secret became the heart of my Age Hacking system

And it turned my health around – almost immediately.

Susan White: What was different?

Dr. Gerhauser: The heart problems stopped.

The fatigue was replaced by new, limitless energy.

Now, I don’t get sick.

I don’t feel weak or feeble – I feel strong.

I feel as mentally sharp as I did in high school.

And thanks to what I found, I truly believe that my body – on a cellular level – is younger now than it was 10 years ago.

And I guarantee it will do the same for you.

Susan White: Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. has long been regarded as the number one anti-aging doctor in America

He’s an internationally published author who holds 2 Master’s degrees in addition to his Medical Doctorate.

He’s a hero to his patients and to the medical community alike… with many experts calling him the most advanced medical mind in the world.

Today Dr. Gerhauser is revealing the secret of Age Hacking…

…a life-changing breakthrough for any American age 50 or older who wants to…

…make your body bulletproof against disease

Extend your life by many healthier years…

And “reset” your current age to regain your youthful energy, strength and vigor.

For decades, Dr. Gerhauser’s passion has been studying the longest-lived people on our planet.

Trying to unlock the secret that lets certain populations stay vibrant, healthy, disease-free and full of life… into their late 80s, 90s, and even past 100.

Finally, his search brought him to the tiny Greek island of Ikaria.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it…

Ikaria is just a dot on the map…

It doesn’t get many tourists and it’s nowhere you’re likely to visit.

For starters, it’s almost impossible to get to.

It’s a bit like a natural fortress with huge cliffs on every side…

And it has no natural ports, making it difficult to reach by water.

Usually, you’d take a small propeller plane from Athens over the Mediterranean… until you see the jagged cliffs in the distance.

Then, the strong winds make for a stomach-churning approach to the tiny runway on the island…

And because it’s far from the Greek mainland and difficult to visit, Ikaria is almost lost to time, with few modern amenities, shops, or restaurants.

It’s dusty and dry… and there aren’t many interesting things about it.

Except, that is, for one thing…

The unusually excellent health and bizarrely long lives of the people who live there.

In fact, Ikaria has been called…

“The island where people forget to die”

photograph of elderly man named Stamatis Moraitis from Ikaria

I first learned about Ikaria by reading the case of Stamatis Moraitis.

He was born on Ikaria, but had left during WWII to join the US Army.

After the war, he settled in the United States, in Boynton Beach, FL.

Then in 1976, Stamatis got some bad news – he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

His doctors gave him 6 months to live.

He was only 61 years old.

Stamatis was a practical guy so he started planning his own funeral.

But when he learned how expensive funerals were in the US…

…he decided to die back on his home island of Ikaria – where a traditional funeral would cost almost nothing.

That way he could leave more of his retirement savings for his wife.

So he traveled back to Ikaria. And he waited to die.

But the 6 months passed… and he was still alive.

A year passed… then 2.

Then 5 years had come and gone.

And Stamatis just kept feeling stronger and stronger.

His lung cancer was 100% GONE

But he had never turned to chemotherapy, drugs, or surgery…

All he had done was move to the island of Ikaria and he was CURED.

After being given 6 months to live…

Stamatis lived another 37 years in perfect health.

And his cancer never returned.

He died a few years ago at 98… still on Ikaria – healthy, active and happy to the end.

Let that sink in for a second…

He got NO treatment for his end-stage cancer and survived almost another 4 decades

Then… Stamatis lived to be almost 100 years old?!

As a doctor, I’d never heard of anything like it…

So I dug a little deeper.

And what I found was astonishing.

Stamatis’s story was far from a miracle.

On Ikaria, cases like this are so typical – it’s boring for them to even talk about.

It turns out…

Ikarians are virtually immune to deadly diseases

They don’t get cancer like Americans…

They don’t get dementia or Alzheimer’s like we do either…

And they live “unnaturally” long lives… aging in a completely different way.

At 60, an Ikarian is practically a teenager… in the absolute prime of their life.

They often dance until dawn in village festivals that last a full 24 hours!

At 80, an Ikarian is like someone in middle age.

They’re still happily working.

They’re sharp and energetic…

And they can easily walk all over the island… daily.

At 90, they’ve hardly slowed down at all...

They’re making love 3 times a week

They drink strong homemade wine and socialize with friends late into the night…

I know of Ikarians celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

Or still working at 102 years of age, walking miles a day up and down the steep hills on the island.

And that’s all without our “advanced” medicine, without drugs, million-dollar medical equipment, or highly paid surgeons…

In fact, there are hardly any doctors on the island at all

So while the average Ikarian lives to around 90… with a shocking number of them making it to 100 or older… in fantastic health

Americans – who have access to the best medical care on earth – typically die in our 70s

And the reason why is shocking…

You see, by rights, it’s a miracle Ikarians even make it to 60.

Because their entire island is radioactive.

It’s true – the geothermal hot springs they use for bathing and water release high levels of toxic radiation

It’s almost like these people are living in a nuclear fallout zone and yet they very rarely get cancer or any other diseases…

So if you guessed their healthy diet is the reason? Well, I looked into it…

They aren’t on any “low carb,” “paleo,” or restrictive diets…

Most Ikarians drink alcohol every single night with dinner (and after). And shockingly, 82% of older Ikarian men are former smokers

So maybe it’s some magic in their genetics?

Are they simply “programmed” to live longer?

But that’s not it either.

There’s an island, called Samos, just 8 miles from Ikaria.

The people there have the same genetics as Ikarians…

But the people on Samos live only about as long as Americans.

So Ikarians don’t have special genes

they often bathe in radioactive water

…they eat whatever they want…

…they enjoy glasses of strong wine every night…

many of them smoke cigarettes…

How on earth are Ikarians so exceptionally healthy into their 90s and beyond?
What IS their secret?

That’s a mystery that has eluded scientists ever since the discovery of these remarkable people…

Until now.

The truth about how Ikarians have “lifelong youth,” live so unusually long, and can cure even the most devastating diseases of mankind…

Is at the heart of my Age Hacking System.

I’ve used it to help thousands of my patients restore their own youthful health…

And I know it can do the same for you… no matter your age and no matter your current state of health.

For the first time ever, I’m releasing my full Age Hacking system to every American retiree, absolutely FREE

Now, if my system sounds like it’s complicated, I can assure you… it’s not.

All it takes is the perfect “recipe”…

A combination of very special age-reversing nutrients.

And you will start seeing a dramatic physical turnaround in just weeks.

The entire protocol is just a few easy steps.

It’s actually astonishing how easy it is for anyone to radically improve their health, reverse disease, and extend their lifespan.

And there are no drugs, doctor’s visits, or medical tests required.

And that’s exactly why the medical mainstream has completely overlooked it.

Instead, they’re developing technology as we speak that will do the exact same thing…

…but using an unnatural approach (and a $25,000 PER YEAR price tag.)

My Age Hacking system is a natural technique inspired by the astonishing discoveries
I made on Ikaria

…that gently transforms your body on a cellular level.

Scientifically speaking… it’s like cheating DEATH.

This “recipe” for extended life makes you feel like you’ve restarted middle age again.

No matter your current age, condition or health, you will live “younger” and better

Using just a few simple natural nutrients

My Age Hacking system reverses the decline of aging at your genetic level.

It clears your brain of “old age fog” and brings back your memory

It increases your energy… sharpens your vision… and restores your physical and sexual potency

But more than that, it helps make your cells “virtually immune” to disease

In fact, you can now say goodbye to the fear of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease… forever.

If that sounds too good to be true, I’ll prove to you it’s not…

In just a few moments from now…

You’ll understand how Age Hacking slows your “genetic clock” way, way down.

My Age Hacking System will give you unnaturally long life into your 90s and 100s and even beyond

As long as you’re currently between the ages of 50 and 90

…feeling the mental and physical decline of old age…

…and even if you’ve been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or disease

This will work for you.

I was experiencing the failing health of old age myself… and I reversed it.

I’m young again… in mind, body, and spirit.

I did it… and you will too.

There’s no question this protocol for extending life is the most important advancement in the history of human aging…

But I also know it sounds a lot like science fiction.

That’s why I’m going to prove it to you now.

I’m going to show you the Ikarian longevity secrets in my Age Hacking system.

I’ll explain to you exactly how they work

And why they’re still unknown to your own doctor and most of the American medical community…

I’m also going to reveal how you can use the Age Hacking system to “rewire” your own genetics so you extend your lifespan by a decade or longer

How you can make cells reject diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s

How you can feel like you just started middle age again

And you don’t have to travel to Ikaria to do it.

Heck, you don’t even need to come see me at my offices in Arizona…

In fact, right now I’m going to share with you the complete protocol I created for my own patients

It’s like a simple recipe to follow so that you can get the life-saving benefits of the Ikarian secret… from the comfort of your own home.

And it’s the same system I use for myself and for my patients to stay active, disease-free and feel decades younger.

For the first time, today I’m giving away my full Age Hacking system to all Americans over 50.

There’s no charge at all for this life-changing protocol.

But this presentation today is the only way to learn about it…

So let me reveal it all to you now

In my research on Ikaria, I learned there were 3 things that make Ikarians special…

They rarely get cancer, dementia, and other diseases.

They live 10 or more years longer – on average – than Americans, despite a lack of modern healthcare.

And they stay energetic, sexually active, and youthful into their 90s and even 100s.

Those 3 things are what the Age Hacking system was created to address...

Specifically, it is designed to…

  1. Stop the diseases that cause premature death

I’m talking about cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases that can take you before your time.

As I mentioned earlier, these diseases are all almost unheard-of on Ikaria.

The Age Hacking system is designed to make your body virtually immune to these killers.

  1. Dramatically extend the length of your life – long past a “normal” lifespan

The average American lifespan is 78 years and this number is now actually decreasing.

But Ikarians regularly make it a decade or even 2 decades longer.

A huge percentage of Ikarians are healthy and active in their 90s

…and people over 100 are extremely common.

  1. “Reset” your current age

My goal is for you to feel like your age was just “reset” to decades younger than you are right now.

And to feel like you’re “growing younger”… not older… as the years pass.

After all, what’s the point of preventing disease and living to 100 if your final decades are spent as a feeble, weak, confused geriatric?

Ikarians stay sharp, energetic, social, and even sexually active into their 90s and beyond.

You don’t want your final decades to be spent in a nursing home or barely able to raise yourself from a wheelchair.

No, to live an Ikarian life, you need to extend ‘middle age’ throughout your senior years.

That’s where my Age Hacking life-extension protocol comes in.

Let me show you the full Age Hacking “recipe” for Ikarian health and longevity right now

Oh, and don’t worry about writing this all down, because I’m going to give you everything you need at the end of this presentation.

If you want, I’ll even mail the full Age Hacking system to you…

…so you have everything you need to “reset” your age, reverse disease and mental decline, and live a longer, happier life.

Let me be clear: There’s no charge for this information.

This new longevity system is something I believe every American senior should have access to.

I feel it’s my duty as a doctor, an American, and a Christian.

Remember I said the Age Hacking system was like a “recipe” for long life and beating disease.

And like any recipe, there are a few key ingredients.

So let me share the complete “age reversal recipe” with you right now.

To start, you need to make your cells 118% STRONGER against cancer and other diseases of aging…

Thanks to Ikarian “Magic” Milk.

Ok, before you laugh, I admit that sounds kind of silly. But let me explain

There aren’t many cows on Ikaria, but there are a lot of goats.

photograph of goat herd resting with mountains in the background

So most Ikarians drink goat’s milk. Every single day.

And compared to cow’s milk, Ikarian goat milk contains a secret ingredient...

High levels of a rare trace mineral called SEN 19.

On Ikaria, it’s found in the soil and the grass that the goats eat…

And it gets concentrated in this “magic milk” that Ikarians drink daily…

Giving Ikarians a natural immunity to cancer and other diseases.

Because when SEN 19 enters a human cell, it does something magical…

SEN 19 destroys any cancer cells 1,000 TIMES BETTER than your immune system, and it makes healthy cells completely PROTECTED from cancer

It’s almost like it wraps the cell in Kevlar body armor… so that cancer can’t get inside the cells.

Now, cancer-destroying SEN 19 is very rare, but…

…not on Ikaria!

Ikarian soil is full of SEN 19.

And thanks to their daily consumption of SEN 19-packed goat’s milk, Ikarian cells are loaded with this disease-crushing mineral.

But if you’re like most Americans, you don’t have nearly enough.

And that’s the first step in the Age Hacking system…

…to get the exact kind and amount of this cancer-conquering mineral.

And, no, you don’t need to put goat’s milk on your cereal.

I’ll tell you the very best source of cancer-killing SEN 19 and exactly how to use it in a moment.

But let me first explain to you how it works

Remember how I mentioned that, despite smoking, drinking and living with daily doses of radioactivity…

Ikarians get FAR LESS cancer than we do?

That’s most likely because SEN 19 helps cells create an environment, where cancer is unable to survive.

That’s right… the second SEN 19 comes into contact with cancer cells, the cancer begins to self-destruct.

The way it works is pretty amazing…

Normally, your body has a natural process that causes diseased or mutated cells to die.

The scientific term for it is “apoptosis.

But one of the reasons cancer cells are so deadly is because they’ve found a way to STOP themselves from dying.

You see, cancer cells have EXTREMELY high levels of a protein called Bcl-2.

Bcl-2 “turns off” the natural process that makes mutated cells – like cancer cells – die.

That makes cancer cells almost impossible to kill.

All that Bcl-2 in cancer cells makes them practically immortalso deadly tumors keep on growing and growing.

And although your oncologist won’t mention this… chemotherapy, radiation and surgery do nothing to stop Bcl-2.

But SEN 19 does.

In fact, it’s like a magnet for Bcl-2.

And when the two meet… BOOM.

scientific rendering of cancer cell

The cancer cells die on contact while healthy cells are left alone. The fact is, cancer cells cannot survive around SEN 19

This is how SEN 19 stops cancer – virtually any type of cancer – right in its tracks…

And this is PROVEN science. In studies, SEN 19:

HALTED the growth of aggressive tumors at a rate 1,000X better than normal cells

BEAT advanced skin, breast, prostate, colon, oral, and brain cancer cells by stopping their spread…

STOPPED tumors from forming – even when animals were directly exposed to cancer-causing substances…

ERASED the risk of ever getting lung, prostate, and colon cancers in the first place by more than 50%!

That’s why a special type of SEN 19in the perfect dose

…is the first step in the Age Hacking system, my extreme longevity protocol for seniors.

If you ever worry about dying from cancer, you need to get SEN 19 into your cells.

You see, taking the perfect amount of SEN 19 can do so much MORE than fight cancer

It turns out, SEN 19 is very likely the most powerful disease killer on the entire planet.

Because it’s a natural disease cure, it actually “supercharges” your immune system…

…powering it up to seek out and destroy painful inflammation, flu, infections, polio, yeast infections, parasites, asthma, and allergies…

Even auto-immune diseases.

In addition to killing cancer cells on contact

SEN 19 has been shown to boost the production of more than 4 different types of disease-fighting white blood cells.

So instead of an aging immune system that can’t fight off cancer or the other diseases that come as you get older…

your immune system is now supercharged in a way that makes it virtually impossible for cancer and other illnesses to exist in your body.

The fact is, the rates of cancer and other deadly diseases skyrocket as you get past 50.

And the risk increases with each passing year.

So whether you have a diagnosis already

Or you’re simply worried about what could be growing in your body right now…

And you want to make sure you’re still there for your spouse and family as you get older…

You need to make sure your cells ALWAYS have plenty of “disease-proof” SEN 19

So cancer and other diseases can be rejected BEFORE they have a chance to take hold...

Now, like I said before, SEN 19 is very scarce and it can only be found in high quantities in a few places on Earth.

And, in fact, much of the soil in the United States contains extremely low amounts.

Meaning you can’t get anywhere close to what you need from your food…

So you need to make sure you start supplementing with it today...

I only recommend one 5-star source… but I’ll tell you exactly where to get it… how much to take

…and how to avoid the imposters that just won’t work.

All of this information is inside your FREE guide:

The Age Hacking System:
How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102

The Age Hacking System is your personal copy of the full life-extending protocol I use for my own patients.

Cover of Dr. Richard Gerhauser's recent report titled The Age Hacking System

And I’m going to mail you a FREE copy of it today.

Inside, you’ll find my full SEN 19 protocol with the miracle cancer-killer that makes cells 118% stronger

So they can supercharge your own immune system to fight off dozens more deadly diseases.

And I’ll be with you every step of the way…

I’ll show you exactly where to find cancer-crushing SEN 19…

…the exact dosage to take, exciting new research that could help you beat even more diseases, and more.

And feel free to share this new research with your own doctor.

I know he will be more than impressed by what he finds inside…

In a moment, I’ll ask for your address so I can mail you my full guide:

The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102

Your FREE guide has everything you need to know – all laid out in an incredibly simple step-by-step format.

Remember, this is the same health-restoration system I developed for myself and my own patients.

Now, I want to share the rest of this life-extension protocol

The first step was protecting cells from cancer and the other diseases that can take you before your time…

And once your body is “immune” to disease, the next step is increasing the length of your life… by many extra years.

I believe that science has now shown us the way to extend your life up to 9 years.

But could it be possible to add an EXTRA 20 or even 30 years to your life?

Just wait until you see this next major breakthrough…

To show you, I need to take you back to Ikaria for a moment.

So I can now reveal that…

This Alzheimer’s Reversing “Master Antioxidant” has been found on Ikaria

Let me explain what this means for you

See, without even realizing it, Ikarians are already following the exact protocol for living to 90 or longer.

They get plenty of sun and sleep – which science has shown are both essential.

And they live a low-stress lifestyle, which also helps.

But most importantly, Ikarians get massive doses of powerful antioxidants through the native plants they eat at every single meal…

And some of these herbs are found nowhere else on Earth.

Specifically, Ikarians eat a lot of what are called “Allium vegetables”…

And these vegetables are special because they help your body create the master antioxidant… Glutathione.

You might have heard of antioxidants elsewhere.

And perhaps also their mortal enemiesfree radicals.

Free radicals are nasty little molecules that damage your cells over time, leading to cell death and disease.

Many scientists actually believe that free radical damage to our cells is the main reason our bodies age.

But antioxidants destroy free radicals, saving your cells and dramatically slowing down aging.

Ever see those people who just don’t seem to age?

Who look and act decades younger than they are?

Well, you can pretty much guarantee they’re getting tons of antioxidants.

And the easiest way to protect your own cells from getting older is to simply incorporate a powerful antioxidant.


Glutathione is the Superman of antioxidants

And it’s already found in every single one of your cells.

Its major function in your body is to protect your precious cells against the destructive effects of free radicals

…the nasty little molecules that destroy your cells, give you disease, and make you old.

There’s more.

Glutathione also “detoxes” your body from pollution, poisons, and even drugs.

It also helps your cells stay healthy and grow… and it’s absolutely vital for a strong immune system.

It’s perhaps the most important nutrient in your entire body.

It’s absolutely necessary for stopping the cell death that makes you old and sick.

So if you don’t have enough Glutathione, you’re in very big trouble.

And that’s the problem.

100% of Americans over the age of 50 have low or declining levels of Glutathione. And low levels have been directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s disease…

Heart failure…

COPD and respiratory distress…

Liver disease…

Blindness and hearing loss…

In all, low Glutathione has been linked to 61 devastating diseases of aging…

It’s clear as day. To stay healthy as you get older, you need more Glutathione.

And when you get enough, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this health miracle is…

For example…

Glutathione REVERSES
the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

I recently read a research study with 43 senior patients who were suffering from severe memory loss and confusion.

The scientists conducting the study gave half the people a boost of Glutathione, the “Master Antioxidant.”

The other patient group got just a placebo.

Just 12 weeks later, they were brought back in for evaluation…

For the placebo group, there was no improvementjust as you’d expect.

But for the lucky group that got Glutathione, their results were simply jaw-dropping.

This time, they were able to recall specific memories that they couldn’t just a few weeks earlier.

Suddenly, they were able to remember phone numbers and important dates.

They were thinking so much clearer.

They could even do quick mental math...

These were all things they couldn’t do just a few weeks before.

Their Alzheimer’s had REVERSED.

It was a miracle.

And all because they got some Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant.

But that was just the start.

The group continued the protocol another 12 weeks.

Now, before the study started they’d been asked how many words they could name that started with the letter A… and they were stumped.

They could only come up with a few “A words.”

But at the end of the study… thanks to Glutathionethey could suddenly name 100s of words starting with A.

And they did it quickly!

There’s no question: Glutathione reversed their Alzheimer’s symptoms

And restored their minds and memories.

But that’s not all…

Study after study confirms that Glutathione prevents, improves, and even REVERSES…

  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • COPD

And so much more…

It’s simply astonishing how powerful Glutathione is for anyone over 50.

They call it the “Master Antioxidant” for a reason – because it’s a true disease-curing miracle.

But there’s a problem.

You see, studies have shown that as we get older, we start to lose Glutathione in droves.

Like a hole in the bottom of a bucket that grows bigger and bigger...

After the age of 20, our levels of Glutathione plummet... losing 1% every single year after

So if you’re 65 years old right now... you only have about half of the Glutathione protecting your cells you did when you were younger.

If you’re over 65, you have even less Glutathione

Which has been linked to 61 different diseases

You don’t want to gamble on which of the 61 will take you first…

So I have good news for you today…

You see, there’s an even more important reason to be concerned about your Glutathione levels.

Scientists are now confirming that Glutathione could be the human “longevity key” helping extend your life to over 100 years of age

Here’s what medical experts are now saying about how Glutathione is directly connected to extreme long life

Dr. Rob Keller observed that “Glutathione levels go down in every age group except onethe people who reach 100 years of age.

“Those people, interestingly, have Glutathione levels like those of a normal 30 to 40-year-old.”

“This evidence further suggests that the higher Glutathione levels in the 100+ group may actually explain their longevity,” said Thomas E Levy, M.D, a renowned cardiologist. 

The science is incredibly exciting…

And hundreds of top doctors and researchers are finally realizing what it could mean when we fully understand Glutathione’s role in human aging…

One estimate is people could live 1,000 years,” predicted Richard Cawthon, a renowned Geneticist.

Now, I’m not suggesting you can live to 1,000. Who would even want to?

But think about it…

What if Glutathione could add an extra 20 or even 30 years to the end of your life?

I think that’s entirely possible.

And scientific research is starting to prove that it could happen… 

Recent studies have showed that boosting Glutathione in mosquitoes gave them 30-38% longer lives.

If it works the same way in humans, that could be the equivalent of an extra 23-30 years! 

And in a separate study, researchers gave one group of mice a Glutathione-boosting diet… and they lived the equivalent of an extra 25 years

But does it work for humans like me and you?

The answer appears to be… YES.

Because Glutathione has now been clinically PROVEN to repair human telomeres.

You might have heard of “telomeres” before – but what exactly are they?

You know every one of your cells has something called DNA in it.

DNA is the “genetic code” that makes you unique.

Well, DNA in cells is in a twisted pattern – called a double helix – like below. 

scientific rendering of DNA double helix

And at the end of each twisted strand is a telomere:

scientific rendering showing location of telomeres on the ends of a chromosome

They’re kind of like the little cap that’s on the end of your shoelace – that stops the lace from unraveling.

That’s what telomeres do for the DNA inside your cells – they hold it together.

Well, your body makes new cells by causing a cell to split in half, over and over.

But when they do, the telomeres get divided in half each time.

Each time the cell divides, the telomeres in the cell get shorter. And shorter.

Eventually, when the cell has divided too many times… there’s none left.

And so the cell dies, meaning it can’t make new, healthy cells anymore.

Essentially, this is how your body breaks down and fails as you age…

In fact, scientists have been able to look at the telomeres of people…

…and they’ve learned that... how long your telomeres are is directly tied to how long you will live.

Short telomeres lead to a much shorter life…

And LONG telomeres allow you to live a long, full life

You know how people talk about a biological clock for having children?

Well, telomeres are like your “genetic clock”… counting down your life.

But what if you could slow down this clock?

Or even REVERSE it? It would be like you were growing younger, on a cellular level.

But you’d need the ability to grow your own telomeres. 

That’s what Glutathione does.

In multiple animal studies,
Glutathione has already been proven to
increase lifespan by as much as 50%

Compared to the average American lifespan of 78, this would be like you living to 117 years old.

What would it mean to expect you, your spouse, and all your family and loved ones could now plan for a healthy life to 100or more?

Imagine how much more time you’ll have now…

How many more amazing places you can travel to…

How many more special moments you’ll have with family… as you celebrate the birth of your great-great-grandchildren?

Or your 80th wedding anniversary?

You just need the perfect levels of Glutathione in your cells.

My research tells me that Ikarians should have very high Glutathione levelsnaturally… due to their daily diet of rare herbs and plants.

We don’t get enough Glutathione here in America… that’s likely why our levels plummet and we get sick, diseased, and old.

And that’s why we don’t regularly live to 90 or even past 100 like Ikarians.

So the obvious solution is to just start taking Glutathione, right?

Unfortunately… no.

Even though it’s all-natural and exists in your body, you can’t take Glutathione directly.

Your body won’t absorb itso it will never reach your cells

Luckily, the solution to restoring your Glutathione levels couldn’t be easier.

There are ways you can trigger your body to
make MORE Glutathione NATURALLY

There are some surprising lifestyle techniques you can use… like daily meditation has been shown to boost Glutathione levels up to 20%.

And having one non-alcoholic beer daily raises it 29%...

But there’s a much easier way…

And one that is much more effective at boosting Glutathione to the levels you need to stay young and fight off Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

All you have to do is start taking a natural nutrient called Acetin compound

… naturally sends the Glutathione levels in your body skyrocketing.

Replenishing the levels you’ve lost over time AND increasing the length of your longevity-boosting telomeres.

But you have to know exactly how much to take… and how to use it effectively.

It’s easy to get Acetin compound if you know where to look, but you must make sure you’re using the right kind.

That’s why I wrote down every detail for you in The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102.

Cover of Dr. Richard Gerhauser's recent report titled The Age Hacking System

In your FREE guide, you’ll find every detail for boosting your own Glutathione levels, so you can…

Naturally increase the length of your telomeres, which could extend your lifespan

Restore your lost memory and even reverse Alzheimer’s…

And fight off cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and many deadlier diseases…

In a moment, I’ll share how you can give me your address so I can mail you a copy at no charge.

The full Age Hacking System guide is my gift to youwith my compliments.

I want every American over 50 to restore their health

increase the length of their life.

…and enjoy happier, more active “golden years”just like I have.

But first, I want to share one more vital piece of the Age Hacking System with you…

How drops of “stardust”
energize every cell of your body so you
feel like you just erased the last 20 years of aging

This is a monumental breakthrough for anyone age 50 or older who is looking for that true “second chance” at youth.

I’ve already told you how the telomeres in your cells are tied directly to how you age and how long you’ll live.

But there’s a second cellular structure that is responsible for how “young” your body feels.

Specifically, they created the boundless energy that you used to have in your 20s and 30s.

They’re called “mitochondria”…

Maybe you remember them from Biology class?

They’re tiny formations found in every cell of your body.

In fact, you have more than 37 TRILLION of them inside you right now.

And they’re known as “cellular powerplants” because they create 99% of the energy in your body

They make the “electricity” your cells need to function, to reproduce, and to give you the energy to do all the things you want to do.

The fact is…Mitochondria are the source of your life.

You need them to stay alive. Without them, you would quickly die.

But it gets even bigger.

Because scientists are now saying these tiny structures could hold the key to…

Staying energetic and full of life even into your later years…

And feeling like you just turned back the clock… to the energy, health, and body you enjoyed decades ago…

Friend, if you or a loved one has failing health… or even a serious diagnosis…

If you’ve been praying for an end to your suffering

And a RETURN to your younger, happier self…

You NEED to hear all about this new miracle right now.

When scientists were first attempting to learn about how our bodies work, they used microscopes to look inside human cells…

And that’s when they first saw them: Strange oval structures in every single cell in your body.

They look a little like tiny fingerprints.

Some people even call them the “fingerprints of God” – because they’re so powerful

Here’s a photo of what they look like:

microscopic image of a human cell

Now, you need a microscope to clearly see them… but they do something amazing.

They perform the magic of transforming your food into energy for your body.

Harvard Medical School has even reported that mitochondria appear to be linked…

 To every single thing in your body that keeps you alive.

Every single one.

These little miracles are truly life itself.

And when you’re young, they pump out all that energy you needed to work, play sports, go out with friends and on dates…

Remember that feeling?

That “first day of summer vacation” feeling?

When your young body was just humming with boundless energy?

That’s because your mitochondria were all healthy – and they produced so much youthful energy that you could barely contain it.

Think back… do you remember how incredible that felt?

To be young and so full of life that you sometimes felt like you’d burst?

But there’s a problem…

You see, your mitochondria start to “degrade” as you get older.

They break down and stop working.

They lose their ability to make the energy your body needs to repair itself, to function, and to get out and do the things you want to do.

So we grow old and feeble.

And sickness and disease take over our bodies.

In fact,

Every decade of life sees us lose about
5% of the energy your mitochondria make

In a 5-year-old child all the mitochondria are perfect…

…but by the time someone is 90-years-old a full 95% of them are damaged.

And I don’t need to explain the clear difference in energy and vitality between a rambunctious 5-year-old and someone who’s 90

Not only that, but research has shown that “healthy” mitochondria are directly linked to people who live to 100 years or older.

So why does this “degradation” happen to our cellular power plants as we get older?

We don’t fully know yet. It could well be our modern lifestyles are damaging them.

Pollution, cell phone radiation, pesticides and toxins in our food and water… the list of potential culprits is long.

But all we know is the mitochondria we need for energy break down as we ageso we get old and sick

There is new hope though.

Let me ask you this, are you in poor health?

Are you fighting against old age and sickness?

Or maybe you just want the energy and the good health to do all the things you used to enjoy?

Then I have very good news for you today.

My Age Hacking system includes
a breakthrough protocol
using the latest medical science
to help restore your mitochondria
to the way they SHOULD work

So they could go back to creating the energy you had in your 20s and 30s

But that’s not all. Incredibly, this protocol can even create NEW mitochondria in your cells.

What would that mean for your life…

For your ability to stay active and full of energy long past your 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s

And maybe even RESTORE your current health to where it once was?

That’s exactly what I want you to experience.

Please note, much of what I’m about to share is brand-new researchyou won’t hear about this from your own doctor

Because I have now found a natural nutrient –
a type of vitamin – that does something
amazing to the mitochondria in your cells

It protects and restores them so they can start making energy again.

In fact, it’s up to 5,000 times better at protecting your mitochondria from aging damage than other “health” nutrients.

It’s called “VITALIN Q.”

And to understand its power, consider this: VITALIN Q is found all over our universe.

It’s found in every plant and animal on Earth.

It’s even found in stardust from outer space!

Here’s why it’s so important: When your cellular mitochondria get some VITALIN Q, they start multiplying

…filling your cells with brand new, perfect little power plants.

And there’s so much more VITALIN Q does…

First off, it’s like a wonder nutrient for aging brains. Animal and human research shows…

Vitalin Q may protect the brain
against getting Parkinson’s Disease,
or from damage after a stroke

It even helps stop the degenerative brain diseases brought on by aging

And if you’re getting a little older, it can improve your memory

That’s not all. It can even protect the heart from damage after a heart attack.

But most importantly, it helps generate healthy new mitochondria in your cells…

It hasn’t escaped my attention that Ikarians eat a ton of VITALIN Q-containing plants and herbs… every single day.

With VITALIN Q, you can add new, young mitochondria to your cells.

They’ll create youthful energy… and they replace the old “degraded” mitochondria that are linked to disease and death.

Just imagine what that could mean…

elderly couple holding hands, smiling and dancing

Celebrating your 94th birthday with a vigorous swim and a night of dancing…

Making love to your spouse on your 80th wedding anniversary

Or going on the trip of a lifetime for your 101st birthday?

The science is new and very promising

But I believe we now have the tools necessary to extend your life… to stay young and vigorous to your last breath…

And VITALIN Q could be that key.

But you have to know exactly what to do.

I’ve taken all my medical experience using VITALIN Q and created a new “stay young” protocol showing you exactly how to use it

You see, for it work, you must get the right kind of VITALIN Q.

And follow the exact protocol for the results you want.

It’s not difficult at all – it takes just seconds.

But if you don’t do it correctly, you won’t get the healing benefits of VITALIN Q.

That’s why I’ve written down everything you need to know and published it in…

The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102

The Age Hacking System is truly a life-saver for anyone worried about cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes or any other disease.

And, today, it is my FREE GIFT for any senior American who needs their own prayers answered

This life-changing book is a complete roadmap to perfect health into your 90s, 100s and beyond

However, my Age Hacking system is only available only through this presentation and quantities are very limited

So please keep reading to find out how to claim your own copy.

Everything you need to know about my protocol for using VITALIN Q to make new life-giving mitochondria is in my Age Hacking System.

Once you get your own FREE copy, you can get started immediately on restoring your vibrant youth, perfect health, and endless energy.

But before we go any further…

…maybe you’re wondering why your own doctor hasn’t mentioned the power of mitochondria and VITALIN Q to fight disease and end aging

Well, the sad truth likely is… he doesn’t know about the research I’m sharing with you today.

You see, the only thing doctors are taught today is how to prescribe drugs.

It’s not their fault, because…

Pharmaceutical corporations control the American medical system, and they are deceiving us all – they care only about selling drugs to pad their billion-dollar profits

photograph of elderly hands pouring one hundred dollar bills out of a prescription pill bottle

While true, natural cures are denied to us

That’s why the Ikarian secrets I reveal in The Age Hacking System are so important.

This is a brand new kind of medicine.

One that knows that our own bodies can actually be cured of disease and sickness

…IF we give them a little help from natural science.

You don’t need drugs.

You don’t need painful therapies.

You don’t need pills with awful side effects.

Not anymore.

No matter what you’re currently fighting with your health, there is now hope.

The Age Hacking System has everything you need to be healed.

You just need to know exactly how to do it.

What you’re about to learn could very well extend your life and transform your future.

My protocol for regenerating your own
cellular mitochondria with VITALIN Q
is one of my most powerful secrets for
restoring your health and youthful energy

It’s not difficult at all – it takes just seconds.

But if you don’t do it correctly, you won’t get the full healing benefits of this scientific breakthrough.

That’s why I have written down everything you need to know and published it in my brand new book:

The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102.

And I’ve reserved a free copy for you today.

There’s no catch – this new book is my gift to you.

And in just a moment from now, I’ll share full details on how you can claim your own copy today…

But I want to quickly share one more of the secrets you’ll be getting today.

And, once again, it takes us to the Greek island of Ikaria.

The people of Ikaria drink a
very special health elixir that has almost magical
health-restoring properties

It’s called… wine.

photograph of senior couple snuggled on a wicker bench sipping white wine and laughing

In fact, Ikarians regularly drink up to 4 glasses of wine every single night.

Now, almost any doctor would tell you that that much alcohol is bad for your health, and could even shorten your life.

But, for Ikarians, the opposite seems to be true.

We’re now learning that this wine – a special blend they make themselves – is directly linked to their good health and even their unusually long lives!

But how can this be?

It has to do with the grapes they use to make the wine.

There’s a unique property hidden in the skins of specific grapes…

That makes it the healthiest nutrient on the planet for your heart.

Ikaria’s wine is like a
heart-saving elixir for long life

This nutrient is called Red Resin.

And Red Resin is a MIRACLE for keeping your heart healthy and strong even as you reach 80, 90 and beyond…

Now, we all know that heart disease and heart attacks are the number one killer in America.

And as you get older, it gets terrifying wondering if your heart is healthyand will it give out on you soon?

We all know someone who woke up one morning thinking it was just a normal day – and was taken without warning by a massive heart attack or stroke.

But Ikarians seem to be almost immune to heart disease.

They get heart problems MUCH later in life than we do… if they get them at all.

And I believe that wine… well, the Red Resin IN the wine… is the key.

Science has now confirmed that…

Red Resin can stop the deadliest types of heart
disease right in their tracks

Incuding stroke, heart attack, blood clots, atherosclerosis, even high LDL “bad cholesterol.”

There’s no question: If you want to keep your heart strong through your 80s, 90s, and beyond – you need to learn about Red Resin…

But maybe you’re wondering how it works?

New science has now learned that Red Resin saves your heart and protects against a deadly stroke

…by fighting free radicals (those are BAD molecules) that enter into the body from pollution, chemicals, and even just the air we breathe…

And slowly attack the cells in every organ.

But Red Resin is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever studied.

You know how important it is to keep your heart pumping

Especially as you reach your “golden years.”

After all, those are the first things to wear out and “go” with age.

Without a strong heartyour body can’t keep going.

It’s critical that you get
an extra-large daily dose of this antioxidant,
especially if you’re over the age of 50

But for it to work, you must take the exact right kind and dosage of Red Resin

So please don’t leave this method to chance…

I’ve extensively researched the best source and dosage and would like to send you my free guide…

The Age Hacking System, to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit.

In my brand new book, you’ll find the exciting step-by-step guide to using Red Resin to save you from a deadly heart attack or stroke

In The Age Hacking System, I’ve outlined every easy step of the full life-extension protocol for you so they’re simple to follow…

And have vetted the very best sources of the “longevity nutrients” necessary so you’re able to take control of your health, right at home.

Please be aware – I’m not selling any of this information and I make absolutely no money from The Age Hacking System.

This complete guide to…

…preventing, reversing and even curing diseases

extending your lifespan by many healthier years…

…and restoring the boundless energy of your youth…

is my gift to you.

photograph of elderly couple riding bicycles together and smiling

I’ll even pay to mail it right to your door.

Just please don’t wait until it’s too late…

In a moment from now, you’ll be able to give me your mailing address, so you can claim your own complimentary copy

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Plus, you can feel great knowing that every step of the Age Hacking life extension system has been thoroughly researched by me…

…AND double-backed by science – so you know it will work for you.

OK, are you ready to get started making your body virtually immune to disease

extending your life by many healthier years…

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All you need is your own copy of The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102.

Cover of Dr. Richard Gerhauser's recent report titled The Age Hacking System

Everything you’ll read is in straight-forward, easy-to-follow language.

And every cure, treatment and life-saving protocol is verified by science and used in my own clinic.

Best of all, even though the results are powerful –
every secret is safe and
easy to do in your own home

Whether you want to discover how to use SEN 19 to fight cancer...

Or how Glutathione “The Master Antioxidant” can REVERSE Alzheimer’s and help you live past 102

Or how boosting your Mitochondria – your cellular “power plants” – with VITALIN Q can make your cells work like they’re 35 years old again

Or how Red Resin can make your heart practically IMMUNE to a heart attack or disease…

Every one of these groundbreaking advances is waiting for you inside: The Age Hacking System: How to Conquer Cancer, Experience “Permanent Middle Age,” and Live to 102.

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As I said before, I want nothing to stand in your way of living a happy, long and healthy life.

Especially not money.

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I’ll even include a Certificate of Authenticity to show that you own the real thing.

image of the complimentary Certificate of Authenticity

I’m sure your family will cherish it for generations to come…

Here’s how I’m able send it to you for free

In this presentation, I decoded the secrets of Ikaria so you can…

  1. Prevent or CURE the diseases that cause premature death

I’m talking about making your body “virtually immune” to cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and other killers.

As I mentioned earlier, these diseases are all almost unheard of on Ikaria.

And if they do get them, it’s generally much later in life… a decade or more later than we get them here in America.

  1. Dramatically extend the length of your life – long past a “normal” lifespan

As I mentioned earlier, Americans now live about 78 years and our lives are actually getting shorter.

Ikarians regularly make it to around 90 years old… and people over 100 are extremely common.

I can show you how you can live an “Ikarian” lifespan…

  1. “Reset” your current age

My goal is for you to feel like your age was just “reset” to decades younger than you are right now.

And to feel like you’re “growing younger”… not older… as the years pass.

After all, what’s the point of preventing disease and living to 100 if your final decades are spent as a feeble, weak, confused old person?

These are truly life-saving secrets that even your own doctor does not know.

And every one of the underground and “forbidden” health secrets you heard about today came from one source

Something unique in the history of American medicine…

My private monthly report Natural Health Response.

Every month, I take my most valuable disease-fighting discoveries and reveal them in a new issue of Natural Health Response

cover of Dr. Gerhauser's monthly newsletter titled Natural Health Response

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The natural “Queen’s Flower” diabetes solution that can send blood sugar plummeting up to 30% in just 14 days

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Why anti-depressant drugs kill – and the safe, natural alternative for improving your mood and happiness you can take instead… page 18.

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Find out what it is on page 13.

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Remember, Ikarians stay sharp, energetic, social, and even sexually active into their 90s and beyond.

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